REUNION IAS Dear Stu New Batch Political Science (Optional) with India & World by V.K. Tripathi on 11 March 2019 (Monday) (3:30pm-6:00pm) 303 Satija House Mukherjee Nagar 9999421659-58

Reunion Ias Dear Stu. New Batch GS-II (Mains) with I.R. By V.K. Tripathi On 11 MARCH (Monday) (6pm-8:30pm) 303 Satija House Mukherjee Nagar Delhi 9999421659-58

Reunion Ias Dear Stu. Morning Batch Polity (PT)  with Government By V.K. Tripathi On 11 March (Monday) 10:45AM-1:15PM 303, Satija House, Mukherjee Nagar 9999421659-58

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Success corresponds to the cumulative corollary of continuous labour, ceaseless patience and unshakable determination. The Civil Services examination at the preliminary, mains and the interview levels tests not only knowledge but also a candidate's whole personality including his attitude to life. The duration of the examinations may be a week or a month but the preparation for them takes the whole year.
A failure at any stage means beginning from the first step again. It is not for nothing that only a few hundred candidates out of a contingent of about a quarter million get through the Civil Services Preliminary Examination.My sincere suggestion to the candidates appearing at the Union Civil Services or State Services examinations is that they should develop an honest and practical line of preparation. It is normally seen that some students have such an unrealistic and impractical approach that they cannot withstand even a single shock of failure. On the other hand, those students who have a line of well-defined strategy move forward methodically to reach the summit of success. I strongly believe that you have in you the knack for climbing the summit. A determined bid in accordance with your individual propensities will surely take you atop the pinnacle of success.

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